Collaborate With Us

Be significant. Be exclusive.

Collaborate With Us

With JBPM, we do not offer just a partnership - we offer an extensive, in depth outlook in today’s market and collaborate with each client using top level insights from our myriad of real estate professionals.


With JBPM, you get exclusive access to our subsidiary JBPM Realty, and a 3-6 month rental fee guarantee to extend to potential clients, making the market more attractive to end consumers. With decades of international and local experience, our industry experts instantly adds to the depth of your manpower, making it a formidable competitor in a congested market. Experience masterful collaboration as we help you manage the sales and leasing aspect of your projects.

Service Providers

Expose your brand. Leverage brand presence by allowing us to expose you to our market segment. Tap into an exclusive market segment. Engage with us and be the exclusive service provider for our market. With our partnerships with multiple developers, gain exclusive contracts in providing services to thousands of end users. Grow with us!

Unit Owners

Get exclusive deals with our partner service providers We embody the term “worry-free”. Live and not have to worry about who takes care of your bills, or how to fix that broken sink. With JBPM, we ensure that each resident is happy and won't have to worry about anything else other than enjoying the property. Through our extensive partnerships with local providers, gain access to a wider range of services not found in other residences.

JBPM Partnership

Property Advertising
Company Partnership 

Ms. Louise Riñoza

Assistant Manager (Head Quarters)

Company Group Rent & Sales
Hot Deal Registration & Searching

Ms. Keo Sormphors

Manager (Dept. Leasing & Sales)

Strategic Alliance & Partnership
Project & Building Trading

Mr. Borne Kim

General Manager (Head Quarters)